Delinquent accounts can lead to serious cash flow issues and cripple a business.  But one of the most difficult aspects of business is collecting accounts receivables.

All too often business try to collect on their own only to write off past due accounts and take the loss. Augusta, Georgia, collections and business attorney Louis Saul can help you turn those losses into a significant source of revenue for your business.

All businesses have a legal right to seek payment on outstanding debts. Louis Saul has more than 50 years experience in business law and handles commercial debt collection and related litigation for debts of more than $10,000. Before you give up on significant past due balances, call Louis Saul and let him review your delinquent receivables and offer advice.

Commercial collection services include debtor investigation, aggressive pre-suit collection efforts, demand letters, telephone calls, litigation and post judgment collection practices. Georgia's creditor-friendly laws provide businesses an advantage in collecting debts and Louis Saul understands those laws and how to make them work for you.

If you need to establish a judgment for a commercial or consumer debt in the courts in the Augusta, Georgia,, area or need to transfer an existing judgment to local jurisdiction to complete the debt collection process, contact Augusta collection attorney Louis Saul today.

Louis Saul acts professionally, aggressively, and legally in all collection matters and will  provide you with the information and professional advocacy you need to turn bad debt into extra cash.

The debt collection process actually begins before you start extending credit. The law offices of Louis Saul can also help you avoid collection issues by establishing credit guidelines for your business. Louis Saul can help you develop contracts, deeds to secure debts, credit applications, UCC liens and provide creditor representation at bankruptcy proceedings. There are many laws available in Georgia and South Carolina to help creditors and Louis Saul will assist you with making use of these laws.

Louis Saul assists Businesses, Home Owners Associations (HOAs), Collection Agencies, Apartment Management companies and other creditors with every aspect of the collection process from initial debt validation to final conclusion of the judgment.

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